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Our Sponsor Association and Friends

»Association of the Friends and Sponsors of the Chursächsische Philharmonic«

The "Association of the Friends and Sponsors of the Chursächsische Philharmonic" was founded in 1992. This association is an important, cross-regional institution, with which to support the multifaceted activities of the Chursächsische Philharmonic.

Natural and legal persons from all over Germany are members.


CM Frank Ebert (President)

Brunhilde Behrens (Chairperson)

Ute Trauer (Treasurer)

Katja Wild (Secretary)

Previous activities of the Sponsor Association (selection):

  • Co-financing the restoration of the NatureTheatre Bad Elster
  • Aqcuisition of historical instruments from the Vogtland
  • Co-financing the music theater production "Die Fledermaus"
  • Aqcuisition of a slide projector
  • Co-financing of the seasonal playbills
  • Co-financing of performance of the oratorios "The Messiah" and "Die Schöpfung"
  • Financing of the festival publication "10 Years Chursächsische Philharmonic" 02/03
  • Co-financing of the aqcuisition of historical costumes
  • Co-financing of CD prductions