• Chursächsische Café Music

Chursächsische Café Music

The Ensemble

This ensemble is comprised of musicians who are chronically in a good mood! Their recipe: playing music that lifts the spirits. The classics include Strauß, Lehar, Stolz and Lincke. Yet in addition to waltzes and operetta bliss, the ensemble's broad repertoire has much more to be discovered. The musicians herewith invite you to take a journey through the archives of film music, playing special character pieces or dedicate themselves to the upbeat Schlager. In addition to retro and nostalgia, the ensemble has a further passion: the impressive folk music of our Eastern European neighbours! The Chursächsiche Café Music guarantees unlimited entertainment of the highest quality! 

Main emphasis:
Entertaining music from all genres

2 violins, violoncello, piano

CM Peter Kostadinov