• Women of the Court Ball Association

Chursächsische Court Ball Association

The Chursächsische Court Ball Association of the Chursächsische Philharmonic was founded in 1998 as a dance ensemble. The ensemble is composed of enthusiastic, semi-professional young ladies from the Upper Vogtland Region, who accompany the artistic dimension of Chursächsische Salon Orchestra. The artistic direction has been in the hands of the founder, Nadine Riedel, since the ensemble started. 

Currently, the ensemble is made up of the four regular "prima donnas" and a supporting choreographer. The detailed costumes were collectively designed by the ensemble members and individually tailored. Through numerous performances, the Chursächsische Court Ball Association has developed a stunning reputation within and outside of Bad Elster. Thus, the dance ensemble entertained guests at an event for Saxony's state government in Brussels (Belgium), in connection with the reopening of the King Albert Theatre and at a celebratory festival performance Most (ČZ).