• Chursächsische Concert Master Quartet

Concert Master Quartet

The Ensemble

How does a string quartet get together? One way could be through the immense abundance of literature that is available for this orchestration. Since Joseph Hayden raised the bar and standards to unattainable heights, it is considered to be the determining examination for all subsequent composers to compose the music for a string quartet. Thus, almost every composer has left his mark through deep, inner expression within a narrow space. To discover and interpret these works is like finding a treasure. This treasure hunt is like a musical journey through life for our concert master quartet. And like with all culture, the fun and the joy of music and concerts should be present. During breathtaking arrangements of the ensemble's repertoire, all possible genres are represented: festive, holy, opera, operetta, musicals, swing, beat, improvised folk and cabaret music. In short, our concert master quartet will bring your event to unforgettable heights! 

Main emphasis:
Classical, romantic (on historical instruments) as well as arrangements of many well-known works of all genres. 

2 violins, viola, violoncello

KM Peter Kostadinov