Prof. Christian-Friedrich Dallmann (Natural Horn)

  • Prof. Christian-Friedrich Dallmann

    With Pleasure: Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Prof. Christian-Friedrich Dallmann



Marital Status:
married to Martina Dallmann


Current Occupation:
Professor for French horn at the University of Art Berlin

What was your first, defining experience with music?

Above all, the Schubert String Quartets played in my childhood home remain in my memory.

What do you find special about your instrument?

The sound and the risk, to hit every tone!

What was your most memorable concert experience in Bad Elster to date?

The performance of Mendelssohn's "Scottish" symphony and the 3rd Beethoven about 15 years ago.

To me the Chursächsische Philharmonic Bad Elster is...?

A wonderful change of pace from my day to day teaching.

Which composers do you associate with Bad Elster and/or the Chursächsische Philharmonic


Lars-Erik Larsson (my first solo concert with the Bad Elster Orchestra in 1979!)

If you were stuck on an abandoned island, which composers would you take with you?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Why should I go to classical concerts more often?

So that my students don't have to change their career goals! My wife would say: to relax ...

Which credo would you pass on to up-and-coming musicians?

Practice, practice, practice and not loose your joy for good music!

Prof. Dallmann, thank you for your time!