Norbert Schröder (Cello)

  • Norbert Schröder, Cello

    Always wants more Beethoven:
    Norbert Schröder



Marital Status:
married, 2 children


Current Occupation:
alternate solo cellist for the Orchestra of the Landesbühnen Sachsen

What was your first, defining experience with music?

I'll never forget it: at the age of 10, experiencing my first concert of 12 cellists of the Berliner Philharmonic in Leipzig.

What do you find special about your instrument?

A cello can sing and play the "Swan"...

What was your most memorable concert experience in Bad Elster to date?

The Tschaikowsky concert in the 10/11 season with the 1st symphony and the 2nd piano concert (2nd movement!)

To me the Chursächsische Philharmonic Bad Elster is...?

... an unbelievably multifaceted orchestra with an exceptionally interesting concert programme.

Which composers do you associate with Bad Elster and/or the Chursächsische Philharmonic?

With the programme's variety, it's hard to say...Mozart is already a favourite - but if I could make a request: Beethoven's symphonies!

If you were stuck on an abandoned island, which composers would you take with you?

Johann Sebastian Bach - he is simply the beginning and the end...

Why should I go to classical concerts more often?

Experiencing a concert cannnot be replaced by any other audio or visual mediums, the live atmosphere offer such wonderful emotional pleasure that one can hold in one's memory.

Which credo would you pass on to up-and-coming musicians?

To passionately, spontaneously and joyfully show your audience, how fantastic it is to play and listen to music!

Which question would you have liked to answer?

I would like to ask Johannes Brahms why he never composed any cello concertos...

Mr Schröder, thank you for your time!