Andreas Tränkner (violin)

  • Andreas Tränkner, violin

    Finding the audience with the beautiful:
    Andreas Tränkner

Andreas Tränkner studied violin at the conservatoire in Leipzig from 1974 unti 1980 .

He has been the concert master of the Staatskapelle Halle since 1988. He has had many opportunities to teach young people during his career. Since 1992, he is a lecturer at the Landesjugendsinfonieorchester Sachsen-Anhalt (regional youth symphony of Saxon-Anhalt), where he is in charge of the violins.



Family status:
divorcedResides in:
Pouch (Saxon-Anhalt)

Current job:

  • Concert master for the 2nd violin at the Staatskapelle Halle/Saale
  • Lecturer at the Landesjugendsinfonieorchester Saxon-Anhalt

What was your first incisive encounter with music?

My first encounter with music was when I was 5. That is when I took my first violin lesson.

What makes the violin special for you personally?

The violin is special due to its inimitable sound and its malleability in all areas found in music.

What has been the best concert experience for you in Bad Elster to date?

The nicest and for me, the most interesting, concert with the Chursachsen was the symphony concert with the bagpipes and the wheel fiddle, a concert by Leopold Mozart. It was great!

For me, the Chursächsische Philharmonic Bad Elster is…?

…an admirable ensemble, that has a large repertoire and that has performed and is performing Baroque and Classical music beautifully.

Which composers to you associate with Bad Elster or the Chursächsische Philharmonic?

The masters of Baroque: Johann Sebastian Bach & Georg Friedrich Handel and the classic: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Joseph Haydn.

Which composers could you not do without on a deserted island?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Why should one attend a classical concert more often?

I believe that classical music is entertaining and relaxing, yet can also communicate pensive and historical impressions. When the music's beauty has been conveyed, the music has found its audience.

Welches Credo würden Sie jungen Nachwuchsmusikern mit auf den Weggeben?

Young musicians should always be and stay curious, inspire others when making music with friends and always remember that they are doing something beautiful.

Which question would you still like to have answered?

Why is it primarily older people who attend concerts Germany-wide? How do I reach the younger generation and how can I interest them in music (the serious kind!)?

Mr Tränkner, we thank you for this conversation!